The tools we use in addition to this learning environment

Go to Slack
And Slack is our tool to communicate with you and groups.
Go to Google Drive
We use Google drive to exchanging and work on documents.
Meet Zoom
You’ve probably already used this in our call with you when you’re a Inside member: Zoom is a video-call app. In our opinion better than Skype.

In addition to this online learning environment we use a lot of other tools. For example, for making conversations and exchanging files we use other free online tools.

These tools are selected because we find them very powerful. Probably, some you may also use when running your own online services. It may therefor be useful to explore these tools already:


Multiple Workspaces

Slack is our tool to communicate to groups in addition to standard e-mail. For every program member we send an invitation to slack.

Accept an invitation is going through the following steps:

  1. Click the invitation link.
  2. Review the invitation details, then click Continue.
  3. Choose the workspace you’d like the channel to be a part of, or click Sign in to another workspace.
  4. Review the channel details. If you’d like to change the channel name or make it a private channel, click the pencil icon (these changes will only apply to your workspace).
  5. Click Accept Invitation

More about this:

Do you have already a Slack-account and want to add it to your existing workspace? Look here for working with multiple workspaces:

A Quick start guide video through Slack:

More help or explanation, see the online manual:

Google Drive

Google Drive is an in the cloud platform for perhaps everything you do with Microsoft 365 ( kind of Microsoft Office in the cloud ). But it’s for free. When you’ve create a G-mail account you’ve already in addition a Drive account. Just hit the ‘9 bullets’ -icon left of your thumbnail/avatar and get a overview of the online tools and editors which are available to you.

Not an account yet? You get one through making an G-mail account. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions:

I´ve already G-mail, but where is it?

When you’r account is ready you will see your avatar (or a round button with the first letter of your name) at the top right in your browser. Next to it is a button consisting of nine dots. When you click on it you’ll see all the apps you’ve get with it. One is the Drive logo. A green yellow and blue triangle. Click on it and you enter your Google Drive space:

Congratz! Now you can work in the cloud with many free apps Google offers.


Well, probably you’ve already met us through the use of Zoom. When you’re a inside member you did. As above, Zoom is a Video-call-app. Like Skype, but then better: its more stable. That is why it has grown very quickly compared to Skype in the past period.

Q&A or technical support: through slack addressed to Dennis de Vogel . (type ‘@Dennis de Vogel’ at the end of front of your message.) Problems with slack, despite following the manual (linked above): click the ‘Q&A technical support’ link below this page.